Help Us Help You

Being prepared is important for any task.

Keeping this in mind, below are some of the basic questions and information we need from you to provide excellent customer service.



Window glass is easy to measure. We are looking for ‘daylight’ size which is the size from left to right and top to bottom of the glass that is visible to you. Do not include gasket or framing.

  • Where is the window located?
  • How high off the ground?
  • Type of window? Example -Single hung (slides up and down) or crank style made of aluminum, wood or vinyl.
  • Film tint or obscured
  • Does it have division bars (muntins)
  • Is it 2 pieces of glass? (Insulated)
  • Did the glass crack or shatter?
  • Will you need a new screen?
  • Accessible from the outside and inside
  • Do your patio doors roll properly?
  • Send us photos – it really helps



  • For installation: where would you like them set?
  • Upstairs or down
  • Any outlets or switches?
  • Special edging (beveled)
  • Do you need them removed?
  • Cut down mirrors in good shape



  • Type of furniture
  • The shape of surface area? Straight lines or contoured.
  • Suspended or Pedestal
  • Polished or beveled
  • Any holes necessary?



  • Do you need repair of an existing enclosure?
  • Does it leak or is there damage?
  • For new glass, Is ALL your tiling complete (including sills)
  • On what floor is it located?
  • For a tub or a shower?
  • Type of enclosure: Inline is from 1 wall to an opposite wall in a straight line.
  • Makes a sharp turn over a wall or tub is a 90-degree enclosure.
  • Multiple angles?
  • What is your hardware preference?
  • Send a few photos for us to reference