Shower Enclosures

  • In-Line Enclosure is where there is a direct straight line from one wall to the opposite wall. Depending on how wide the opening is, there is generally a panel attached to one side and a hinged door on the other.
  • In-Line with Return Panel Enclosure there is a Panel on left or right usually 90 degrees (Panel could be same height or be set on a Knee Wall). Depending on the design of the enclosure.
  • Neo-Angle Enclosure are where there are multiple panels at different angles. Examples are octagonal or some form of angle to a specific degree. The door can be a placed at either end or in the middle.
  • Bypass Shower Enclosure  Generally the enclosures door panel slides from one side to the other. The external hardware consists of a header and a track at the bottom to guide these panels.
  • Single Door when there is only a door opening.  Door are sometimes used for water closets as a more elegant and cleaner look.